La Rete, nets factory, is an integral part of Montisola’ s tradition of craftmanship and net-making that has shaped the history of this area and its people. Net-making started on Montisola in remote times; some documents say around the year 1000 when the few inhabitants, fishermen and peasants, made the nets and provided the fish to local lords. Montisola’ s fame for weaving and net-making was already established at the end of the 1700s and the nineteenth century marked the development and take off big business. The craftsmen start to look for new commercial outlets,they open shops in the city and small industries spring up in various regions of Italy.

Work is no longer done totally by hand, machines are being used for the first time.In 1907, the Montisola net-makers introduce their first looms and the rapid and intense technological evolution transforms the workshops into industry, employing almost the inhabitants. Production now has wider scopes, not just for fishermen and hunters, nets are produced for sports and hammocks. “La Rete” continues these traditions and, in full respect of ecological instances, has installed modern equipment and developed innovative technology, becoming a trustworthy partner for the greatest European consumers of sports nets.