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Rete beach volley regolamentare con fettuccia superiore

Beach volleyball nets mt. 8,50x1 in polypropylene h.t


Art. Material Mesh mm Ø mm Weight gr Tape Cable Packaging cm
P170 Polypropylene H.T. 100 3,5 2.220 PVC (50 mm) Covered steel - Ø 5 mm 60x15x20
P190 Polypropylene H.T. 100 3,5 3.330 PVC - Double (75 mm) Covered steel - Ø 5 mm 60x15x20

Art. Material
P10/5 Beach volley/ beach tennis posts with cross shaped ground sleeves to put under sand, total height of post cm 295,5 diameter of the post mm 76, galvanized steel profile, with net tensioning device
P13 Pair foam padding for steel volley posts in eliocel with PVC covering, fixing with Velcro, inner ø mm 9, outer ø mm 19, high cm 200
P17 Marking kit for beach volley field composed by: 2 tapes with eyelets of m 16, 2 tapes with eyelets of m 8, 8 pickets, 8 elastics
P18 Covered steel cable for replacement of beach volley net.
P19 Adjustable marking kit for beach volley