Antibirds nets have extended their action field, becoming essential not only in historical centres for the covering of monuments, roofs and facades but also concerning the nautical field. These nets are even more requested, in fact antibirds nets are suitable to avoid seagulls leaning on boats.


Art. RV50

  • Maglia annodata mm.50 diametro mm.1,50 – 21 GR/MQ
  • Colore pietra
  • Misure fisse da mt. 5×5 / 10×10 / 15×15 / 20×20 / 30×30 e a richiesta
  • Disponibile sia nel colore pietra che nero

Art. RV130V

  • Maglia annodata mm.130 diametro mm.2 – 33 GR/MQ
  • Colore verde
  • Misure a richiesta
  • Bordatura perimetrale da mm 6 di rinforzo a richiesta
Reti antivolatili per imbarcazioni la Rete


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