The net – producer La Rete Srl manifactures fencing nets for golf fields in high tenacity polyethylene material and UV stabilized.
These are produced with knotted polyethylene H.D. mesh, in green colour, 25mm of mesh and 2/3mm in diameter.
Customized according to the customer’s requirements and completed with a 6mm perimeter reinforcement border to delimit and protect the court in order to prevent balls from escaping.



Art. 57

  • Material: Polyethylene HD
  • Mesh: knotted square mesh 25 mm
  • Diameter mm 2 mm
  • Supplied with braid in polyester mm 6 sewn on perimeter
  • Color: Green

Art. 56B

  • Material: Polypropylene HT – UV stabilized
  • Mesh: Knotless square mesh mm 25
  • Diameter mm 3
  • Completed with braid 6 mm sewn on perimeter
  • Color: White
  • Suggested for indoor training


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