The net manufacturer La Rete srl produces a wide range of specific nets for technical use such as safety nets against falls and protection of shelving and conveyor belts, truck cover, and heliport protection nets.

Nets are produced in polypropylene HT or polyethylene HD with UV additive in order to guarantee resistance and quality over the time. Nets implied in a wide range of sectors as protection of shelving,

Helicopter cargo nets, heliport protection nets, protection for swimming pools and artificial lakes. Nets manufactured with dimensions on request.

A variety of mesh and diameter according to customer needs.

Safety netting for multiple applications

Helicopter cargo netting for lifting loads

Heliport platforms

Suspended outdoor Sunbed netting

Boat handrails and catamarans

Design netting

Slow feeding hay netting

Rete slow feed cavalli

Safety netting for sport use

Swimming pool netting cover

Reti per copertura piscina uso domestico


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