The art of net making

La Rete Srl, as international manufacturer of nets, has always been an integral part of Montisola artisan tradition and its art has shaped the history of this area and its inhabitants.

Tradition and innovation are the secret for the entrepreneurial success of the company:

Montisola has always been one of the most important economic district in Italy in the manufacturing of nets; in this context, Montisola is a unique reality where culture and economy are strictly combined.

This tradition has been continuing since today and during this long period its experience has increased in order to achieve a strong leadership in Italy but also abroad as major producers of sport, safety and accident prevention nets; the enterprise is equipped with modern systems in order to test our safety nets and certify them according to the European legislation 1263/1 e 1263/2.

La Rete Srl has developed innovative technologies, which allow it to offer itself as a reliable partner of the major national and international consumers.

La Rete Srl has been producing nets from Raschel loom in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 for about fifteen years and for more than twenty years at the industrial level through branches in Hungary and Nicaragua.

Since 2016, it has also become the global capital of contemporary art with the installation “The Floating piers” by the eclectic renowned artist Christo connecting the island to the mainland for sixteen days.

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